Terms and Conditions of 20% Bonus on Gold and Silver Jewelry

GoldMax endeavors to provide our clients with the most competitive price for their qualified gold and silver jewelry. Simply visit a GoldMax store and present the 20% Bonus Coupon and we will purchase your gold and silver jewelry for 120% of our standard written offer price. 20% Bonus is available only to first time GoldMax customers and is not available to any wholesale or retail dealers. Coins, ingots, diamonds and watches are not qualified jewelry. 20% Bonus cannot be combined with the GoldMax Price Match Guarantee or any other GoldMax offer or pricing adjustment. Client must accept or decline the 20% Bonus at the time of presenting the qualified jewelry and 20% Bonus Coupon. GoldMax reserves the right to terminate the 20% Bonus and/or modify the policy terms and conditions at any time in its sole discretion. Void where prohibited by law.