Who owns all the Cash For Gold stores?

Twin brothers Jordan and Jacob Sadoff grew up in the northwest suburbs, but have grown their business ventures far beyond.

Graduates of Hoffman Estates High School, they each have a background in real estate and took advantage of gold's growing value to create Midwest Gold Buyers with their mother.

Jordan said that as the housing market stumbled, gold became a solid venture. People saw the value in getting rid of unwanted jewelry and they capitalized by hosting gold parties that quickly grew in popularity. From there, they started opening Cash For Gold stores in 2008 that stretch from their native Streamwood-Bartlett area throughout Chicago's collar counties. Midwest Gold Buyers, which also hosts hotel events, has offices in Georgia, Florida and Minnesota.

"We're the most competitive person on the block," Jordan said of the stores. "All we do is buy gold."

Author: Dan Campana