Terms and Conditions of Price Match Guarantee

Simply visit a GoldMax store and present a bona fide, written purchase offer on a competitor's letterhead or buy sheet for your qualified gold or silver (an “Offer”) The Offer must dated the same business day of the GoldMax transaction and be from a reputable retail store competitor and/or precious metal dealer having a retail location within 20 miles of the GoldMax location, where the Offer is presented. Mention our Price Match Guarantee, and we will purchase qualifying items for up to 110% of the Offer price; up to a maximum amount of $50.00 above the Offer. For example, if you present a bona fide written purchase Offer for $1000.00, we will purchase your qualified gold and silver for $1050.00. Price Match Guarantee not available for any offer made or presented to the guest by online or wholesale dealers, refiners, smelters and/or pawn brokers. Coins, ingots, watches and diamonds are not qualified items. Offers not valid where the price being offered by a competitor is based on the value any diamond or gemstone imbedded within the qualifying item being sold or if the Offer includes an in store credit as a component of the Offer. We will match a competitor’s offer, if the Offer is based on the weight and/or karat/carat of the gold or silver content within the item being sold and not based on the value of any diamond or gemstone. Price Match Guarantee cannot be combined with any other offer or pricing adjustment and is limited to a maximum of 6 transactions per household per calendar year. A guest must accept or decline the Price Match Guarantee at the time of presenting the Offer to GoldMax. GoldMax reserves the right to terminate the Price Match Guarantee and/or modify the policy terms and conditions at any time in its sole discretion. Void where prohibited by law.